About Me



One of the biggest needs for the elderly is to be touched, and yet this essential life-need is most lacking among those over the age of 65. Scientific research has proven the medical, mental, emotional, and social efficacy of compassionate, therapeutic touch. 

After over fifteen years as a top administrator in a K-12 school working with children and their families, I am now committed to meeting the needs of those at the other end of our population as they advance in age and begin their end-of-life transition. 

My goal is to affirm the value and humanity of the elderly and ill by providing respectful, kind, comforting, and conscious touch.

Aging is the reality for the future world.

Appropriate care & support for our aging population must be a priority.


In addition to being a Professional Member of the American Massage Therapy Association, Judy Lucas trained through the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy and the Rhythimcal Massage Therapy Association of North America.